UMMA is the pinnacle of our community delivery program. We are funded by donations, grants and direct funding from state government to give a more arts, career and industry outcome. Essentially we take the leaders from our programs and provide them with a structured program based over 6-12 months using RBA, Resilience and Restorative practices to not only achieve the agreed outcomes but look at the learning practices and how those can used in other areas of their future both within industry or in their personal life.

Urban Movement have combined youth from all over Adelaide who have started their career in music but need mentoring and experience. With over 25 years in the music industry and 4 years teaching specifically in Adelaide we have now assembled a group of young people we are ready to work with and help them achieve their goals. Our aim of reducing offending behaviour, increasing opportunity and access for young people, whilst reaching disadvantaged, isolated and often uninspired youth is the reason this initiative has arisen.

There are two cohorts to this program, a generic community group and a Youth Justice cohort that has been specifically funded for Youth Justice clients.

The object with this group is, in the six months (July to December 2018) to give them the tools to raise their level of involvement through their career in the music industry in South Australia. Building capacity for them in SA to network and achieve their goals of becoming recognised recording/performing artists. Teaching them about brand management and marketing, giving them studio time to not only learn how to record but using different sounds, techniques and languages etc to reach their chosen audiences.  To look at what happens in the lead up to launching an EP and going on a mini tour. To look at the legalities of the arts and entertainments industries and how what they have jointly learnt will apply to them as a group and how the group implements this in the six months of the program. We will tackle the obstacles faced by each individual and where possible find a solution through group mentoring and peer assistance.