Preparation for a DJ Gig (Matt Sevallos-17yearold DJ/Producer)

1. What to do in order to prepare for a gig. - 10th One Culture/Hoops for Life -July 2018

  • Make sure this is the type of job you want and have inspiration why you want to DJ
  • Have the equipment bought and ready to go(Speakers, DJ Controller, Laptop etc.)
  • Set up Serato DJ software (or any other software you choose) on your laptop and make sure you can connect it with your DJ controller
  • Know where your playing at, What types of people you are playing to and what type of music they are expecting you to play
  • Make sure you practice until you are confident you're able to mix without stress
  • Bring a minimix incase you lose inspiration and can't think of a track to play
  • Arrive early so you can play tracks and feel the vibe while waiting for your audience
  • Make sure there is a place you can change or a restroom so when you arrive, you might be in the wrong style for DJing, so you can change into proper attire
  • Arriving early can also make sure everything is working and get settled with equipment and any other technical difficulties.
  • Bring a couple of friends if you can, this way you could also feel comfortable while setting up a performance
  • If it is your first gig, realise it's only your first gig and you might make mistakes and your only working to improve
  • If you give in to nervousness and stuff up a mix, play another track because most people will forget the mistake and rock to the new one you played
  • Most audiences will not hear a small minor technical mistake in your mix if you have one
  • Bring equipment if you can and have someone or couple friends help you with setting up

2. The DJ Checklist 

  • Prices for Parking
  • The Place your DJing
  • The Event Attire (What your wearing)
  • How much you get paid
  • Do I need to bring my own equipment
  • Am I on the stage or in the corner
  • What type of music is expected


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