The topic of this edition is firstly;

Finding A Venue:

The reggae genre in all of its subclasses here in Australia is a very funny beast!

There are some undeniable facts about the genre here in Australia that cannot be denied.

#1 Venues are not openly willing to work with you as a promoter because of the crowd they think you will attract.

# It is a numbers game, how many people will come to your event and meet the criteria of the venue to make it a successful event where you can get approximately 500 people on a regular basis?

# Australia because of the size of the scene and its geographic remoteness to the rest of the world makes it difficult to tour artists from this genre. Hence reggae events cannot approach more high profile venues.

The recent case of DJ Kwenda in Victoria highlights one of the issues where, the race card was drawn! Yes, Australia is a country with many cultures present and co-habiting alongside one another, but there is a trail of thought that says, there is a long way to go before Australia is truely multicultural. In this case a venue was found to have practiced discriminatory practices because of this young entrepreneur's ethnicity.

Why do reggae derived events get such a hard time finding venues?

Is it a lack of corporate knowledge in how promoters approach venues?

Is there a need for an association in how industry tackles such questions?

How unified is the reggae scene here in Australia to want to see change happen?

Would a symposium help matters?

Would corporate sponsorship help?

You can add your viewpoint below on what you would like to see happen in the reggae space here in Australia on accessing an event in an up-market venue and feel you have received a great experience.